Hello and thanks for visiting Scents of Nature,
a Canadian owned company founded by Wendy Boodoosingh.


Wendy’s interest in essential oils started more than 17 years ago after her one-year old daughter developed an extreme sensitivity to many brand name products that were labeled “safe” for babies.

After numerous visits to various doctors she was referred to a well-respected allergist who recommended that she should switch to using products that were naturally sourced and free from artificial fragrances or additives.


Wendy turned to essential oils as a safe alternative and to her relief it worked very well. Over time she cultivated a deep passion and appreciation for aromatherapy and all its benefits. She used those years of knowledge and practice to maintain her family’s health and well-being.

Her experience with these products made an incredibly positive impact on close friends and family. Inspired by their encouragement and support, she confidently decided to launch Scents of Nature.




Today, because of our fast-paced lifestyles, there is a reawakening for natural and alternative therapies by people of all ages. High up on that list is the use of authentic essential oils from aromatic plants to restore and enhance health, beauty, and well-being. At Scents of Nature it is our goal to assist you in taking care of yourself by providing an array of quality products tailored to your needs.