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Prosperity Gemstone Bracelet


Color: Red - Jasper

  • Red - Jasper
  • Orange - Carnelian
  • Yellow - Tiger's Eye
  • Green - Aventurine
  • Blue - Sodalite
  • Indigo - Amethyst
  • Violet - Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Turquoise - Turquoise
  • Pink - Rose Quartz


These semi-precious gemstone bracelets are fun to wear alone or group them together to support every chakra. The 8mm gemstone beads come on an elastic cord. Choose from 9 different gemstones.


Colour Gemstone: Red - Jasper

Key Attributes: Grounding, Protection & Courage

Colour Gemstone: Orange - Carnelian

Key Attributes: Joy, Happiness & Humour

Colour Gemstone: Yellow - Tiger's Eye

Key Attributes: Focus, Self-Confidence & Optimism

Colour Gemstone: Green - Aventurine

Key Attributes: Love, Compassion & Peace

Colour Gemstone: Blue - Sodalite

Key Attributes: Trust, Loyalty & Communication

Colour Gemstone: Indigo - Amethyst

Key Attributes: Meditation, Intuition & Empathy

Colour Gemstone: Violet - Clear Quartz Crystal

Key Attributes: Inspiration, Creativity & Higher Wisdom

Colour Gemstone: Turquoise - Turquoise

Key Attributes: Healing, Friendship & Harmony 

Colour Gemstone: Pink - Rose Quartz

Key Attributes: Universal Love, Romance & Divinity


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Red - jasper, Orange - carnelian, Yellow - tiger's eye, Green - aventurine, Blue - sodalite, Indigo - amethyst, Violet - clear quartz crystal, Turquoise - turquoise, Pink - rose quartz